A New Direction…

After some consideration, ArtHistorySurvey.com is no longer a community of practice site. As there was not time devoted to pulling together the community on this site and other communities of practice have developed for which the work of ArtHistorySurvey.com will inform. Those of you looking for a community of practice focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning should connect with Art History Teaching Resources. That group is moving in a lot of interesting directions and maintains highly active discussions at all levels regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in art history.

Moving forward, this site will maintain the initiative started by Josh Yavelberg to add to SoTL and learning through research, project white papers, designs, development, prototyping, and implementation of solutions focused on moving the SoTL forward. ArtHistorySurvey.com maintains a group of educational research and instructional design consultants who are interested in the challenges that art history faces and will actively seek grants, partnerships, and other means to provide formal scholarship that defines the discipline of art history and art history education within the contemporary educational landscape.

70 thoughts on “A New Direction…”

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